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Friday, October 23, 2015

Homework 6

Game 1: Grand theft Auto V

  1. The Tetrad
    • Aesthetics - All the grand theft auto games in the franchise are loosely based on a real city in the world. Since they to recreate a real life place in the game you cant help but notice all the similarities and how real it actually feels. GTA V is one of the most realistic games out there all the plants, people, animals, vehicles, buildings, water literally everything feels so real when you interact with it in the game. When you go into first person mode you even feel like you are that character completely immersed in the game.
    • Story - Like all the other GTA games the story in GTA V is amazing. Unlike a lot of other games nowadays you actually get three main characters to play and each of them has their own unique storyline. You can switch to any of the three characters at any time and play their missions till eventually the three separate story lines converge and you have make some major choices that effect different things in the game. Even the online portion where you get to create your own character has a special story line. Rockstar studios hired so many people as voice actors and did not cut any corners when it comes to the story aspect.
    • Mechanics - For how massive this game is and how much A.I. interaction is going on all the time the mechanics are very fluid and easy to learn. From switching weapons to flying a helicopter all the controls are fairly easy to grasp and there are very few problems.
    • Technology -  Just looking at the map of this game shows how much technology they put into creating it. The way the story connects and the way you interact with things in the world and change outcomes are just a few of the examples of how much technology they used.
  2. Balance
    • Again for how massive this game and its story are it feels well balanced to me. There is not any leveling system but the way the missions progress and all the optional side activities create a well balanced non linear game progression.
  3. Emergent Properties
    • There a very few bugs and flaws with the game and when there was Rockstar is always extremely quick to send out a patch and fix everything.
  4. Interest Curves
    • Like I stated before the non linear progression of the story is a great way to keep interest as well as all the different activities and objects you can interact with in the game.
  5. Enjoyment
    • I really loved playing this game, actually still play it today, and obviously so did a lot of other people because it won game of the year in 2013. 

Game 2: The Witcher 3

  1. The Tetrad
    • Aesthetics - Take one look at a screenshot of the sunsetting behind a distant mountain while your watching from the outskirts of a lush forest from The Witcher 3 and tell me you did not just fall in love. The aesthetics of this game are insane, the colors,  the particle effects, the scenery, the weapons, the armor, the animals, the people, its ridiculous how great everything looks in this game. 
    • Story - You aren't really going to understand a lot at first unless you have played the first two games but it does a great job of explaining everything to new players. This story for this game makes you feel like you are in a movie or book, all the cutscenes are done with the same graphics and animation as when you are controlling the game which makes it seem more real and immersive. You get to pick what the main character Geralt says even in most of the cutscenes but depending on what you say there can be different outcomes. The fantasy and lore that is associated with the game is amazing, you can read about the history and creatures you encounter and reading sometimes gives you useful information about where to go or how to fight certain things.
    • Mechanics - There is sword fighting, horseback ridding, crossbow shooting, magic, boating, and swimming and all of it feels smooth. There a few points where I encountered the random glitch while boating or horseback ridding but that was it. There are over 30 different sword fighting combos and many different finishing moves for all the different creatures and people in the game.
    • Technology -  CD Projekt Red, the creators of the game, are a very small developing company compared to companies like Rockstar, EA, or Ubisoft but even for how small they are they used all the latest technology that was available to create this game. It is remarkably apparent when you play or see the game how much work and technology went into creating it.
  2. Balance
    • The level progression keeps everything balanced to whatever level you are which makes for a very balanced game no matter what difficulty you choose. There are parts where the game makes you feel that you might need to level up before fighting a certain creature or boss but there are no restrictions you could try and fight a major boss at level 4 if you wanted, highly unlikely you would be successful though.
  3. Emergent Properties
    • Like I stated in the mechanics section there a few glitches I have encountered here and there but most of them are hardly noticeable and do not hinder gameplay or performance. CD Projekt Red also sends out patches fairly quickly that fix any reported problems. 
  4. Interest Curves
    • This game is so massive and immersive I never once lost interest and in fact still play to this day. How the story progresses like a book/movie and how you unlock different weapons and armor all play a major role in keeping the gamer interested.
  5. Enjoyment
    • The Witcher 3 was by far one of the best games I have ever played and I highly recommend it to any and everyone.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Homework 5

For this assignment I decided to make a collectable piece of metal that will be used in our game to possibly patch leaks. The metal pieces will be slowly rotating and can spawn anywhere on the map. They also have a specific lifespan and will get destroyed if you don't pick them up in time.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Homework 3

The Tetrad

Story: Submarine (Sunk)
            Opens on a small boat approaching an area of water in the middle of the ocean. Fisher equips himself with goggles and a mask. The boat driver explains that this is the spot and hands fisher a distress beacon. Fisher’s objective is to get to the submarine and retrieve the data from the central lab computer, then signal for extraction and swim back to the surface. Fisher dives and descends to the sunken sub lying on the bottom of the ocean. Once Fisher has entered the submarine, he begins removing his scuba gear. A savage then attacks Fisher. During the scuffle, Fisher shoots the tank and the explosion creates a hole in the submarine. As water begins to leak into the capsized sub, Fisher kills the mutant. Fisher escapes into the bridge. Bloodstained floors and walls glisten with grisly fluids. All of the bodies are gone and the power is out. Only dim backup lights remain.
            As the game progresses, Fisher must survive by sneaking around the sub and making his way to the central lab computer. Along the way, Fisher obtains weapons to fight back against the enemies. Throughout the submarine, Fisher can also discover audiotapes and hidden files to unravel the mysterious events that took place on the submarine.

The technology of our game will be based in present day. Most of the technology in this game will be in the form of weapons. Military gear and weapons are the focal point of the technology in our game. However, there will also be other items related to technology such as a flashlight, and lead pipes. Here is a list of technological items that we plan on including in the game.
  • Present day
  • Military grade diving gear
  • Flare gun
  • Spear
  • Harpoon
  • Flashlight
  • Lead pipe
  • Knife
  • Health packs (food and water)
  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Scrap metal and blowtorch
    • For patching leaks
  • Computers
  • Audio tapes
  • Security system
  • Standard living furniture
  • Digital displays on walls of submarine

            We plan on the art of our game to be reality-based. We plan on researching and studying various submarine types to have a clear vision of our setting. We want the submarine to appear sleek and highly advanced. Here is a list of ideas for art with certain aspects of our game.
  • Zombies
    • dirty
    • grungy
    • bloody, gory
    • wearing work uniforms
    • varying states of deterioration
  • Submarine
    • dimly lit
    • backup power enabled
    • sleek design, high tech
    • digital displays on walls of submarine
    • living quarters
    • mess hall
    • central computer lab
    • bridge of submarine
    • Port holes
    • Bathrooms
  • Objects and Weaponry
    • realistic weaponry in good shape

            Survival is a core theme of our game. The mechanics of our game will revolve around this theme. The combat will be running and hiding from an omnipresent being. This being will instantly kill the player if detected. There will also be less powerful enemies that can be killed using one of the many weapons in the game or using stealth.

  • Movement
    • walking, run, crawl, jump, swimming
  • combat
    • shooting
    • melee
    • disabling enemies
    • stealth takedowns
    • Enemies damage the player by hitting, biting
    • Main villain can instantly kill the player
    • patching leaks
    • interacting with computers
    • listening to audio tapes
  • Enemies
    • movement
      • fast, slow, crawl
    • screaming

Homework 2

   1.     What type of game will you be creating?  [25 pts]

·      When deciding what kind of game to create, each member of the group provided a few options of genres and game types. When reviewing the results, we found that we all were interested in an atmospheric survival horror game. We all thought that creating a creepy and sinister world would be very interesting and challenging. We all agreed that the aspect of survival would heavily influence our game. This lead us to consider the overall experience that we wanted our gamers to feel.

   2.     What is the quintessential experience you'd like the users to feel? [25 pts]

·      Fear
·      Dread
·      Desperation
·      Mystery
·      Alone
·      Discovery

   3.     What is the theme of your game? [25 pts]

·      The central idea or theme of our game is Isolation/Survival. We want the game to seem scary because you are all alone and that to survive you need to escape.
·      Isolation
·      Escape
·      Survival

   4.     Provide an initial storyline [25 pts]

A member of a private security firm is sent on a mission to recover data from an “abandoned” submarine. However, when he arrives, he finds that it is not abandoned, and that a bio weapon developed by the security firm he works for has infected the entire crew. However, the man still needs the data, so he needs to fight his way through the submarine, escaping in the process. 

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I created this image for a web design class I took over a couple semesters ago. It is pretty basic but one of the first images I ever created.

This image I created for a friends blog that I helped start.